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What's your flood?

The devastation from Hurricane Harvey is so visible - so everywhere. It's really hard to imagine the emotional and physical rebuilding required. My heart goes out to the victims and families of this natural disaster. We also see in the midst of tragedy, the human spirit shines. The stories of people coming together to help those in need are so uplifting and inspiring.

While we see this obvious devastation (and support) on screen after screen, there are also many people with their own personal "flood" that we don't see.

Am I alone?

Can I pay that bill?

I'm sad, all the time (can you tell?)

Jobs are taken

Loved ones die

I'm broke

Am I safe?

My kid is sick - can I take a day off?

Bad days happen

Just thinking we can all use a helping hand now and then. So yes, let's keep helping those devastated by the flood, and, let's remember to help when we can't see the devastation on a screen. I imagine we rarely see it at all. It's probably just under the surface.

Maybe for today we can assume everyone we meet needs a little help. Maybe even just a smile.

I'll try to remember... will you join me?

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